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Correcting Your Behavior Since 2017

Our Declining Language (part 1 in an endless series)

It might be hard to imagine, but there was a time when any text that was to be presented to the public was meticulously proofread and double-checked so as to avoid the awful, humiliating, shameful embarrassment of having produced signage or printed materials with errors. On those very rare occasions when mistakes slipped through the cracks, once detected, they were immediately corrected. And no expense was spared to make those corrections, because uncorrected misprints, typos, and errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation incurred severely negative evaluations from the public. That's because it was commonly held that no self-respecting business or organization would ever allow themselves to be known as the perpetrators of such sloppy work. Just like clean uniforms and good customer service, correct English was a baseline symbol of a legitimate professional operation. How times have changed. In this ongoing series, The Curmudgeon publicly shames those who have put forth incorrect text, using photographic evidence from his ever-growing collection. Special thanks to those fellow curmudgeons who've generously shared their own contributions to these walls of shame.

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