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Our Declining Language (part 24 in an endless series) —Quotation Mark Edition, part II

As we've often pointed out, misused quotation marks can make for some very confusing messages. And yet, the virus-like trend persists, with cases of quotation mark abuse continuing to multiply at alarming rates. While we don't know for certain how contaminations occur, we must all remain vigilant, using these marks only with the utmost care lest we infect others by example. The Weekly Curmudgeon has attempted to do its part to slow the spread, repeatedly calling for a ban on reckless punctuation. It's my hope that this collection of photographic evidence ("warning shots," if you'll forgive the pun) will further exhort us all to stamp out this linguistic epidemic before its too late.


What exactly is back there?

It might be best to take your car elsewhere.

Thanks to a so-called God? It's hardly worth the billboard.

Come to think of it, maybe it's already too late.

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