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Another Grab Bag

Greetings, fellow curmudgeons.

From time to time, I come across photos that don't quite fit the Curmudgeon's "Our Declining Language" series but nevertheless offer evidence of stupidity, strangeness, or at the very least, poor quality control. I collect said items in a dedicated folder and release them periodically...and so here we are. Please consider the following:

Perhaps this hippo is happy because she is doing such an excellent job of passing as a rhinoceros.

One wonders if perhaps this collection represents some radical

new theory of education that involves teaching through confusion.

This is what happens when designers get too clever for

their own good. I ask you: Is this address 203 or 23?

The sign is clear enough. The spelling is correct. But what precisely is being depicted here?

Those coconuts aren't falling; they're being hurled. And why did the artist provide one of

the fleeing figures with an oversized lollypop? Such conditions don't call for mere caution;

they call for an official state of emergency, along with a reminder of evacuation priorities.

I'm sitting here pondering what I might say in reference to the

above photo...and finding myself stumped beyond all words.


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