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Correcting Your Behavior Since 2017

Our Declining Language (part 26 in an endless series)

It has been a longer-than-usual time since I last published one of my photo essays depicting the growing problem of language abuse in printed materials. But recently, something caught my eye:

Of course, there is no Noble Peace Prize. Many things can be said about the message in this printed announcement. I leave that to others. As for me, I realized it was time once again to publicly shame those who bypass the proofreader when going to print.

...and how's do we's Tabbed? Oh, for a hyphen.

enforces it?

Actually, high electricity consumption has never been synonymous with air conditioners. High electricity consumption is synonymous with elevated voltage use, or perhaps availing oneself of larger quantities of energy, but not air conditioners.

a totally unmerited apostrophe

"Read more" is very good advice, especially after misusing "you're."

This one may take you a moment.

...apparently including their proofreader.

Friends, heed the Curmudgeon's advice. Check your work. Then have someone else check it. Or risk ending up on these pages for all—well, perhaps a hundred or so—to see.


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