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Correcting Your Behavior Since 2017

Our Declining Language (part 30 in an endless series)

Friends, if I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: check your written work. And if those words are to remain set in any sort of permanent presentation, for pity's sake, have someone else check it. The proofreading trade exists because it is a necessary service. And if you're producing written material for print or public display, you must engage one of these trained practitioners to ensure accuracy and avoid embarrassment. To ignore this admonishment is to do so at your peril, as the photos herein will illustrate.

Family may be "everthing," but it can't shield

you from the shame of a misspelled tattoo.

Normally, millions of New Yorkers ride the subway each day. A proofreader could have

protected all those innocent travelers from ever having to encounter these monstrosities.

Oh dear! Reckless capitalization, a missing word, and a dodgy conjunction? And

no one there to catch it before it went to print? It's enough to make one sick.

Apparently, at least one job was "to" big. This is just awful. A clean barbecue is nice, but honestly: at what cost?

I'm sure most visitors missed this typo (as did the sign makers,

clearly), but those who noticed surely felt somewhat amgry.

Inexcusable. The dictionary was mere steps away!

Sometimes, neglecting the crucial step of proofreading can even sway an entire election. Observe:

I trust I've made my point. TWC



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