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Our Declining Language (part 11 in an endless series)

These days, protests are all the rage. People of all ideologies are taking their messages to the streets. And the Curmudgeon says amen to that! The freedom to protest is among our most sacred American rights, as is the right to free speech. Indeed, these are at times not merely rights, but obligations. Where we see wrongdoing, we must rail against it. Where we see hypocrisy and lies, we must expose them. When we see corruption, we must condemn it. And so this installment of my neverending photo essay, Our Declining Language, is dedicated to those passionate and well-intentioned patriots who have taken pen to paper, or marker to card stock, or paint to bedsheet, and boldly declared their messages to the world . . . sort of.

It really is a difficult choice.

Yes, please fix Washinton.

And so, my fellow Americans, your Curmudgeon has found a new cause:

See you at the march.

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