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Grab Bag

Fellow curmudgeons,

From time to time, I come across amusing or incisive visuals that don't quite fit into my Our Declining Language series. This week, I'm sharing those odds and ends, because if I opt for a written piece, it will be packed to bursting with rage and despair over the state of things in our nation. And I think we have more than enough sources for that type of thing.


Which is it? - #1

I wouldn't quibble over which version is correct, but for heaven's sake, if you're going to put these signs next to each other, be consistent. (For the record, the correct version doesn't appear on either sign. It's "shut-off".)

Which is it? - #2

I spotted these two signs at the very same airport, within mere feet of each other. So which is it, a "cell phone" or a "cellphone"? Again, I'll waive judgment. I only ask they that make a decision. And while they're at it, would it kill them to add the word "a"?

And finally, a variation on the first cartoon, drawn by the same artist. I think it's safe to say he's one of us.

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