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The Curmudgeon Recommends . . .

Readers, if you haven't wandered over to my page entitled "The Curmudgeon Recommends," well . . . I'm personally insulted. But putting that aside, I'd like to invite you to visit and peruse these wonderfully curmudgeonly selections. Some of them (such as the troublingly prescient comedy, Idiocracy) are absolutely required.

I'm especially excited about my latest addition, a brilliant and witty book called How to Do Things Right: The Revelations of a Fussy Man by L. Rust Hills. (Perhaps you can ascertain from the title the reason I am thusly smitten with said opus.) I've been sitting and chucking out loud since cracking the cover. At any rate, I was inspired to issue this reminder of the page's existence.

Look for my next message this coming Monday.


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