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Correcting Your Behavior Since 2017

Our Declining Language (part 15 in an endless series)

It's 2019, America. During these perilous times, we have to be more careful than ever to protect ourselves from sneaky foreign invaders, some of whom walk among us disguised as citizens and apply for our jobs. Luckily, this conscientious driver is helping by sharing a foolproof technique for unmasking the interlopers. Meanwhile . . . we citizens have linguistic troubles of our own:

Ah yes, you can indeed breath easy. There are still plenty of printed errors for this year's walls of shame.

And what will you not get at Custom Body Boocamp? Proofreading.

As a matter of fact, we do expect more. . . . because hands spread disease, and no one wants bread that's been handled. Whereas . . .

That poor lamb.

Outrageous. Something must be done. We need more female women in leadership.

Yes, things look bad for our beloved language. Fortunately, there is some hope:

This unnamed school is hosting a spelling bee to get the kids more excited about language, and best of all . . .

Your invited.

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