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Our Declining Language (part 16 in an endless series) - Apostrophe Edition

Welcome back, Curmudgeons. It's been several weeks since I published my last wall of shame, exposing the cancerous sloppiness that continues to erode our standards of linguistic accuracy. And I mustn't let too much time elapse between installments; with the constant influx of new photographic evidence, this simply isn't a task on which the Curmudgeon can fall behind. This time., we take a look at the poor, abused apostrophe, a simple bit of punctuation that apparently confuses even the genius who came up with this slogan for a company that is actually named apostrophe:

I know it's confusing because of its divergence from other possessives (see what I did there?), but for heaven's sake, if you're a professional word writer or printer, you should know that it's the "its" that's possessive.

Customers, omelettes, TVs . . . you've been possessed!

No worrie's. I left my drink's outdoor's.

Misused apostrophe aside, this is beyone unforgivable.

My God. It's a plague.

And finally, if you're in the market for video camera's, be sure to note that some Camera kits are packed with: Camera.

If you have a photo that belongs in the Our Declining Language series, by all means, feel free to post it on The Weekly Curmudgeon's Twitter page: @wklycurmudgeon.

I'll be back next week to report further atrocities.

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