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Our Declining Language (part 17 in an endless series)

Don't get excited. I published this again by mistake. The new Curmudgeon will be out tomorrow, on schedule.

Here we go again, fellow curmudgeons. Remember when people were embarrassed by typos? Remember having actual concerns that such errors might suggest a lack of professionalism? Remember caring about accuracy? Remember proofreading? Well, friends . . . that's all behind us.

Will this chyron cost the writer his job?

So much to discover.

Some printed errors have nothing to do with spelling or grammar. Sometimes,

they're matters of logic, relevance, informational accuracy, or simple mathematics.

(Well . . . that is what they told the guy to write.)

And then there are some that are so accurate that . . . well, I just don't know what to make of them.

As always, I invite readers to share your own contributions to these walls of shame via email: I will welcome them with gleeful disdain.

I leave you with this question: How is it we're able to constantly police language that's offensive, yet constantly leave language that's offensively wrong completely unchecked? I tell you . . . we're living in the last days of civilization.

More next week,


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