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Our Declining Language (part 18 in an endless series)

Back in 2007, two language lovers, Jeff Deck and Benjamin Herson, set out to correct errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation on printed signs all across the nation. (Their adventures are chronicled in their book, The Great Typo Hunt.) Naturally, I've been a fan of these two heroes for years. I only mention Jeff and Ben to point out that I'm not alone in my militant refusal to accept the rampant abandonment of the once-revered standard of linguistic accuracy in printed materials. Regardless of contrary trends, my rule remains the same: if one has intentions to display words publicly in any form, one is obligated to proofread. And if one neglects to do so, we who still care will find those shameful errors and share them with the world. And that leads your Curmudgeon to this latest collection of photos documenting atrocities perpetrated against our language.


Wait for it . . .

. . . full of copywriters who don't know when to start a new sentence.

Besides the missing letter, the misused quotation marks, and the inexplicable

space just before too many exclamations, there's the fact that "make" and

"create" are synonyms. "I'm not just calling attention to it, I'm pointing it out !!!"

"Becky? Where are you? . . . Yeah, that was today."

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