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My New Job

Well, curmudgeons, it’s a pretty exciting time for me. I can now announce that I’m being seriously considered for a very important position in the customer service profession. If things work out, I’ll be helping to train customer service personnel in how to handle inquiries, complaints, or whatever else may come up.

The opportunity arrived in an unusual way. By pure coincidence, I was calling to speak to someone about a technical difficulty of my own when I heard a very special and unusual recording, letting me know I was in the running. The most remarkable part of all this is that I never even had to apply. The recording simply announced that my call may be recorded for training purposes. Naturally, I was over the moon.

Now, I don’t have the job yet, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Also, nothing has been discussed as far as salary, benefits, vacations, and so forth. But I’m fairly certain I’ll be able to work from home, which is certainly a perk for me. To be honest, there’s more than a bit of mystery about my new, unsolicited position about which I was informed via recorded message. Even still, it’s an honor to just be under consideration. Customer service training is important, and to be entrusted with such a task would be a huge responsibility, one that I would approach with the utmost solemnity.

Not to sound like a braggart, but I’ve been considered for this type of employment before—frequently, in fact. It seems nearly every time I call a customer service line, they’re possibly wanting me to become one of their trainers. I can’t help but wonder how so many companies happened to learn of my unique qualifications. I imagine the people responsible for recruiting customer service training personnel must have come across The Weekly Curmudgeon and recognized my superior standards of accuracy and my generosity in sharing my observations when such standards have been compromised.

Here’s something else I wonder about. While it’s hard to imagine anyone not being thrilled by the opportunity to be unexpectedly considered for a possible unsolicited position as a recorded customer service trainer, there may be some who are disinclined to accept for one reason or another. Perhaps they are shy about being recorded. Perhaps they already work for a competing company. Perhaps they’re just not as confident in their abilities as I am in mine. Or maybe they don’t grasp how fortunate they are to have been selected to possibly be recorded for training purposes. What then? Well, too bad for them, I guess. That just thins out the herd, leaving me with an even better chance of being chosen for a job in this exciting field. I just hope my call was good enough to merit recording. I feel fairly confident about it. I’m very skilled at these things.

Admittedly, there is one less-than-ideal element in all this, in that I don’t know when I’ll be informed whether my call was chosen as one of the calls to be recorded for training purposes. The informational recording didn’t say when the company might be letting candidates know their calls’ fates. That’s something I will have to take up with them if we end up working together. Perhaps it’s a subject I’ll mention during my upcoming orientation, or even at the annual company retreat. It just doesn’t seem right to dangle such a prize opportunity and then leave candidates in the dark.

Hang on. I’m going to call them and see whether I’m still in the running . . .


. . . Oh good. I got a recording stating that once again, my call may be recorded for training purposes, so I guess they’re still mulling.

Fingers crossed, everybody.

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