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Our Declining Language (part 19 in an endless series) - Menu Edition

It used to be one could dine out without needing the skills of a translator. Back then, menus would be carefully proofread, lest sloppy spelling or other errors reflect poorly on a restaurant's attention to detail. But as the examples in this week's photo essay demonstrate, those times have passed.


Please enjoy our Proofreader's Special.

We can't vouch for the other ingredients, but I have many deep friends. None of it's eggs, anyway. That we'll commit to. them are prawns. If they were, I'd

hate to see them on a menu.

Those clever Parmesian cheesemakers have done it again.

This one offers your choice of spellings.

Clearly, at some point, someone was given misleading information

regarding which items could be correctly listed as fruits.


Yes, it's all a good laugh now. But your stubborn Curmudgeon will continue to point out the direct lineage between the relatively recent decline in concern for accuracy and the even more recent instance of a man pointing to a photo of a poorly-attended inaugural and insisting that it was the highest attended inaugural in history. It's enough to make you lose your appetite.

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