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Our Declining Language (part 22 in an endless series) - Christmas Edition

Happy holidays, fellow curmudgeons. At this very special time of year, I can think of no better way to celebrate than with some irrefutable photographic evidence of yuletide inaccuracies. Remember friends, you can't spell "Christmas" without proofreading to be sure you've spelled it correctly.

"Just add snow"? How about

an apostrophe while we're at it?


This atrocity appeared in a Macy's window. No, Virginia, there isn't an excuse.

Darn. I completely forgot to assign monetary values to my friends. Still I'm fairly certain

each of them is worth at least twenty bucks . . . with the possible exception of Arnold.

While I appreciate a discount as much as the next person, is

there a market for misspelled Christmas decorations at any price?

And finally, a holiday meme I can heartily endorse:

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