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Our Declining Language (part 28 in an endless series) — Christmas 2020 Edition

Ah, Christmas.

It's that time of year when spelling errors abound, proofreaders weep in agony, and the Curmudgeon offers his annual wall of holiday shame. This year's crop is enough to leave even those merry gentlemen utterly dismayed.* Behold:

Indeed, it is beginning to look "alot" like Christmas (or, for the English speaking among us, "a lot"). One might say it's showing all the signs. Grumpy holidays from The Weekly Curmudgeon. And God help us, every one.


*I expect the merry gentlemen were already dismayed as their carol continues with the exhortation to "Remember, Christ our savior was born on Christmas day," which historians tell us He was not. Most experts agree that the event we celebrate on December 25th occurred in the fall. Some may also be surprised to know that the Son of God was not born in Victorian England to white people frolicking in the snow and madly jingling bells. But perhaps this is a rant for another day.


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