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July 6, 2020

This week, The Weekly Curmudgeon pays tribute to those brave citizens of New York who sacrifice comfort in favor of safety every single day by keeping their chins covered while in...

June 29, 2020

Someone once said, “You are what you eat.” It’s my considered opinion that individual was an idiot. I believe it can be scientifically proven that I am not composed of tuna salad—s...

June 22, 2020

The first time I heard the words “gentlemen” and “club” paired, I knew precisely the kind of high-tone, elegant gathering of well-bred intellectuals that must surely be taking plac...

June 15, 2020

Well, readers, my usual resolve to avoid addressing current events and politics is back to feeling a bit shaky this week. Trust me, I’ve no wish to ever position myself as a pundit...

June 8, 2020

I’m sometimes asked what I do for a living. Once I’ve explained that I’m a professional curmudgeon, I feel it’s only polite to return the inquiry. “And what do you do for a living?...

June 1, 2020

"Whatever" originally ran on February 12th, 2018

Throughout the works of Shakespeare (William, that is, not Ralph), we see countless examples of characters verbally sparring back an...

May 25, 2020

A classic character in the spy and detective genres is that of the criminal mastermind, an evildoer so ingenious as to outsmart even the cleverest of detectives. These masters of d...

May 18, 2020

This week, we welcome a first-time guest curmudgeon to the fold. It's always so heartening to know that I'm not the only one out there experiencing constant annoyance over one thin...

May 11, 2020

Greetings, readers, and happy Mental Health Awareness Month to one and all! I only recently learned of May’s designation as such and my goodness, I feel so out of touch and late to...

May 4, 2020

There are a number of things that happen regularly on television and in movies that rarely, if ever, happen in real life . . . mostly because they make no sense. 

There’s the crimin...

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